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What is a Kahuna?

"Kahuna simply means "keeper of the secret", or "heart lore". 
A Kahuna was a priest, a minister, a sorcerer*, or an expert in a profession."

"In the culture of the Māori of New Zealand, a tohunga is an expert practitioner of any skill or art, religious or otherwise. Tohunga may include expert priests, healers, navigators, carvers, builders, teachers and advisors. The equivalent term in Hawaiian culture is kahuna."

"Tohunga is a dialectical form of Kahuna, or "expert in the sacred" (ka, "the one who knows how to strike," and huna, "the hidden").

"The Hawaiians live close to nature. They are constantly aware of changes in wind, clouds, rainbows, animals and the flight patterns of birds. They are also believers in life after death. I have spoken to well-educated people on the Big Island who told me that their dead relatives are now aumakuas (souls who have entered the spirit world) and that these souls have not really left the `ohana (family) hearth. They communicate with the living by advising, warning, and instructing.
Portents also come to Hawaiians in dreams, visions, and in voices from the other side. A sudden chill, a prickling of the scalp, or a feeling of deja vu would be enough for one to seek the advice of Kahuna, or one's aumakua."

The Coconut Wireless

" The ability of thought transference over great distances was perhaps the most astounding of all the occult phenomena found in the Islands. Kahunas who had the ability were able to flash messages to other Kahunas on distant islands and receive messages back on what was called "the coconut wireless system". Long-distance healings were quite common.
Earlier we said that when a Kahuna wished to make contact with someone far away he forced his subconscious to send out a thread of shadowy stuff called "Aka", which connected itself to the subconscious of the person he wished to contact.
With this principle in mind, it is more understandable that such adepts of ESP would be successful. The missionaries, however, where absolutely amazed by the occult phenomenon, and the term "coconut wireless" came from them. Although the Westerners have been told in general how long-distance ESP works, they have not been given the specifics. To this day the coconut wireless system remains a mystery."

Different types of Kahuna

The Hawaiians had Kahuna that were of many different professions dedicated to each person that was proficient in a specific area.

  • Kahuna Nui ~ an expert in ALL things: they counselled the ali`i (chiefs), could heal & (if necessary) pray a person to death, could carve a canoe & navigate it across the ocean, recite extremely long genealogical chants from memory, design a temple, fish, & grow crops.
  • Kahuna Pule ~ is a priest or prayer specialist (literally,"prayer expert")
  • Kahuna `Ana `Ana ~ sorcerer: *uses supernatural power over others through the assistance of spirits. Known to use the "death prayer" to protect their ali`i (chief), these kahuna had a code of ethics when using magic as someone's death sentence. In battle, the orders were always given by the ali`i they served. Although, there were some kahuna `ana `ana that used magic unjustly ~ "Black Magic", it is what's in the heart of the kahuna & their intent behind using their gift of magic that would set them apart ~ "White Magic vs. Black Magic".
    • Kahuna Hoopi`opi`o ~ caused distress and sickness by concentration & gesture
    • Kahuna Ho`ounauna ~ sent spirits flying on destructive missions
  • Kahuna Aloha ~ Love expert. The lovesick, or ones having issues in a relationship, would seek out this kahuna for advice & prayers.
  • Kahuna Lapa`au ~ medical priest or practitioner
  • Kahuna La`au Lapa`au ~ medicinal herbal healer; herbal medical priest or practitioner that uses herbs to treat & cure (la`au lapa`au,"medicine")
  • Kahuna Haha ~ Diagnostician
  • Kahuna Ha`i Ha`i Iwi ~ expert in bone-setting & chiropactic manipulation
  • Kahuna Lomi Lomi ~ expert in the art of massage with the use of steam baths as curative agents 
  • Kahuna Ho`ohanau ~ obstetrician; mid-wife ~ has the power to grant a pregnant woman a painless delivery by taking the pain upon himself or by transferring it to the father.
  • Kahuna Kaula ~ prophet, seer, magician 
    • Kahuna Kilo ~ observed the skies for omens of the future
    • Kahuna Kilo Hoku ~ used the stars
    • Kahuna Kilo Honua ~ watched the earth for signs
    • Kahuna Nana Uli ~ predicted the weather
These are only some of the different professions. A kahuna may be specifically trained in many areas or just one. Majority of the Kahuna had to be descendants of the ali`i (chiefs) in order to perform certain duties. A Kahuna may also be selected for training if they possessed the necessary spiritual gifts & carried specific behaviors sought out by an elder Kahuna. In these rare cases, a Kahuna that is not of royal bloodline may be selected & trained by an elder specific to this duty. 

As for myself, my gifts include many of these professions. From my mother, our bloodlines date back to King Kamehameha I, who is a descendant of the Goddess Pele, & a long line of many kahunas in different professions. 
My ancestral guides continue to train me from the spirit world so I may utilize myself to the best of my ability as a healer.     
According to my kahuna guides, my gifts include the all those Kahuna highlighted in PURPLE.

Kahuna La`au Lapa`au

Part of the duties of a Kahuna is to recognize evil spirits & perform exorcisms, if necessary.

The Kahuna believes in the practice of Ho`oponopono ~ to make things right. It is understood that a lot of the ailments suffered by a person is due to harboring negative feelings for something done to someone or that was done to them. Carrying resentment & unforgiveness welcomes sickness & evil spirits. The duty of a Kahuna is to recognize the origin to assist with healing & banishing.

This is my life purpose as a Kahuna. My duty is to educate, recognize, banish, & advise of alternate paths to heal all levels of a one's being.  

Malama pono, malama kou kino, malama ke akua!

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"The Sacred Power of Huna ~ Spirituality & Shamanisn in Hawaii", by Rima A Morrell, Ph.D.
"Kahuna Power", by Timothy Green Beckley
"Cunnigham's Guide to Hawaiian Magic & Spirituality", by Scott Cunningham

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